Advice for PLI Claims

What to do in the event of an incident which may result in a claim on your PLI

PLI claimsWe've had a number of claims made on the AMPband policy over the last few years totalling well over £½ million*.

Most of these claims were paid out without issue, however some were frustrated and delayed. Looking back over these claims we can offer the following advice:

If an incident occurs which may result in a claim it is important that you follow these steps:

  • Do not admit/accept any liability
  • Make a written record of the incident whilst it is still fresh in your mind
  • Obtain details of witnesses
  • Take photographs if possible
  • Inform our insurance broker at the earliest opportunity (details are on the PLI certificate). Do this even if the injured party intimates that they don't intend to claim as they may change their mind at a later date.
  • Co-operate fully and swiftly with the underwriters of the policy and their investigators (ignoring these requests will not make the claim go away and could breach the terms of the policy).
  • If you receive any correspondence from any party regarding the incident then this should be passed to the broker, unanswered, immediately.
Our broker and the underwriters of the policy, together with their legal team and investigators, are there to help & protect you in the event of a claim being made against you. Please follow the advice above to help them.

Taking every precaution to minimise risk of injury/damage should of course be the priority but, as shown by the claims made, no matter how careful you are, incidents can happen. Further Health & Safety advice can be found here.

*There were also a number of claims or allegations made against bands where liability was denied and cases were closed with no payments made. Obviously without insurance the bands would have had to deal with such situations on their own, in some cases having to retain and pay for professional legal counsel.

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